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Alleviating the Stress of the Season

Summer Relief Campaign is underway

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Officially, summer starts in just a few days but worries of needy families have already begun. Some of those concerns include-

-How to afford the expense of school camp programs (the standard in Israel) for their children over the next few weeks.
-What to do with the kids if camps end up not being an option (usually they aren't) and managing the logistics of going to work without having childcare.
-Paying for the steep costs of food, electricity and other basics (which grow substantially over the summer months, especially if family members are home during the day).
-War-induced problems for countless Israeli families, especially those in the north and south. Parental job loss, cancellation of summer programs, costly mental health and medical needs are just some of the numerous challenges families are facing this summer that add to difficult home environments.

American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri is once again running our vital Summer Relief campaign to alleviate some of the stress.
This time of year is a period of heightened insecurity - when household budgets are low and demands are high. And without major holidays falling out this time of year, it's a period of time that largely gets forgotten by the public. Not everyone remembers that needy families are needy during the summer months, too.

But we do.
As a leading Israeli charity it is our job - our zechut - to remember, no matter the season. And our support will help with summer expenses-camp fees, utility bills and other urgent expenses that families need, to stay functional.

Please join us. Let's show struggling families we remember them and are here to help, even over the summer.


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