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Efficiency, Focus and an Investment in Helping Families

A recent letter expresses amazement at the difference B’ezri makes in a struggling family's life

by TG

0 Comments | Wednesday, January 17, 2024 under Emergency Fund, Summer Relief Campaign

To the staff and supporters of B’ezri,

In my capacity as a chesed coordinator in our community, I was involved in helping a young family this past summer. Following numerous emergency hospitalizations, the father was given a severe neurological diagnosis and required immediate and complicated surgery, with a long rehabilitation following.

With very limited family and financial resources here in Eretz Yisroel, they suddenly found themselves in very unstable and unsettling circumstances, on the medical, financial, and home front. 

I was in daily communication with the family, helping them navigate this tumultuous time and keep things afloat. However, many of their needs were beyond the limited resources and support we could offer, and so in an attempt to network and access more help for them, I contacted B’ezri. 

Within moments of my first contact I felt as though this major organization, with so many programs, was focused and invested in this one family in such a caring and considerate manner. Within days the B’ezri staff took responsibility to pay their outstanding bills and provide extra funds so the family could get by.

I was amazed as each time I turned to B’ezri with new needs that arose for this family, I was told there was actually a program specifically set up for that cause. This included funding for summer camps for the young children, so the mother could remain in the hospital alongside her husband, a new oven as theirs had already been broken for a while and now there was certainly no time or finances to think about a buying new one, and financial support so she could hire an assistant in order to continue her job commitment while still caring for her husband. 

While I know this is only one family from the thousands of families helped by B'ezri every year, I felt compelled to express my thanks and amazement as I was left with such an impression seeing the difference they made in this struggling family's life. After being part of such an experience, I can only hope that B'ezri can continue to help families here in Eretz Yisrael in the respectful, caring, and generous manner in which they run their organization.

With much admiration,



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