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"You know just what families need!"

by P. family

Sunday, July 30, 2023

To B’ezri,

Your Summer Relief campaign is so helpful, practical and revitalizing for the body and soul. It provided help for my sister in law, an almana with three young children (the oldest is just four and a half). Her husband was just 27 years old when he passed away from a brain tumor. My sister in law had gone back to work as a computer programmer but she has had to cut down hours as she has no husband to help with her children. She was so worried about the summer as her children are very clingy (they just lost their father) and won’t go to camp or anywhere out of the house without their mother. Your support enabled her to take a few days of vacation and spend them with her children during the summer, a break the whole family desperately needed. 
May your acts of tzedaka and chesed multiply, may others follow your example. You know just what families need! May you always be in a position to give from a place of health and shefa and may we see the geula shleima quickly in our days!
P. family

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