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Tzedaka's Destination

Once it reaches it, what kind of impact does it make?

by KR

0 Comments | Sunday, August 14, 2022 under Emergency Fund, Holiday Fund, Food Support, Agunos, Grushos & Melamdim

I think it’s safe to say that in general, we pretty much know how the act of giving tzedaka “works”. We press coins or bills (hopefully more than a few!) into someone’s hand. Drop money into a tzedaka box. We write a check and place it in an envelope. Enter our credit card details online. 
There, we’ve done our part. The tzedaka now goes off on its journey - a kadosh journey - to help the person who’s receiving it. 
I also think it’s safe to say that we can never really know what kind of impact that tzedaka is making on the recipient upon its arrival. And I think that sometimes, we wonder. 
Well, please take a look at just one woman’s reaction to her tzedaka, a reaction that really made an impact on us.
"I read your message of help late at night and I simply cried
Now, too, I am crying...
I have no way to thank you
Just no way...
What good shlichim you are
What malachim!!!
Every morning I wake up, not knowing how to get through the day...
I daven to Hashem that I will receive the koach to cope
With all the challenges
Health, parnassa
The children's chinuch
And all the endless daily tasks and chores
And to do it all alone, alone, alone
With the seven children Hashem has blessed me with
Each one with their own challenges: health, education or ruchniyus
And endless debts to individuals but also for electricity, water, taxes
Also lawyers, bankruptcy files and frozen bank accounts
I have no way to thank you
There simply is no way!
When I read your message
I said Mizmor L'toda and I said to Hashem
What good shlichim you are!!!
Hashem should bless you with all the brachos, you are simply malachim!
I am just crying from the emotions and the pain and the shame
Ashreichem, Ashreichem
May you know only an abundance of goodness, light, and simcha all your lives
Mamash, mamash, mamash, mamash
With all my heart, 
Thank you very much
May you be blessed with all good things
I appreciate it very, very, very much"
Varda S. 

This is what your tzedaka to American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri does.
Now you don’t have to wonder.



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