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Hinneni B'Yadcha Summer Almanos Event

B'ezri is the proud sponsor

Monday, July 08, 2024

B'ezri is proud to be the sponsor of the Hinneni B'Yadcha almanos event for 120 women, providing emotional support for as the summer vacation begins. With the "chofesh hagadol" (summer break or literally, the "big vacation") being an especially challenging time for almanos who are trying to do it all, the season is not a "chofesh" whatsoever. It is an extended period of challenge - to cover bills, keep food on the table, keep homes stable and find ways to pay for the expense of their children's summer programs, especially when they need to go out to work.

Add to that the loneliness and emotional strain - the knowledge that almanos have no partner with which to make decisions, carry the weight of their family's responsibilities and just share happy times. They are trying to figure everything out, alone.

The Hinneni B'Yadecha event, focusing on women who have been recently widowed, is designed as a full day of programming including catered meals and lectures by prominent speakers, providing chizuk, camaraderie and emotional support to give the almanos the opportunity to recharge their batteries, be pampered for a change, and hopefully, find a friend.

Our almanos coordinator explains, "The women are lonely and feel that no one understands them. If most of the attendees can meet new people, exchange phone numbers and are able to make friendships, it's a huge gain." 

B'ezri is proud to have the zechus to join in such a vital initiative. Providing for almanos' needs in as many ways as we can is one of our top priorities and sponsorship of this worthwhile event with partner organizations who have similar goals, is yet another example of why we rank among the best Israeli charities.

Help us continue to effectively meet the needs of widows and their children throughout the year via our Keren Almanos.


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