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“You gave me support for my SOUL.”

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by KR

0 Comments | Sunday, January 08, 2023 under Keren Almanos

At B’ezri it’s an understatement to say that we are grateful we’re able to set the wheels in motion to provide help to families that really need it. As difficult as it gets sometimes (hearing story after story of people facing hardships) we enjoy what we do, because, to be honest and to put it simply, it feels good to spend your day knowing that by the end of it, someone else’s strain will be lessened. 

Every person who receives help from B’ezri is thankful. Imagine, after all, the feeling of being in a really worrying financial predicament- and then suddenly, someone reaches out and offers help with no strings attached. 

Sometimes, though, a man or woman puts pen to paper, and writes a thank you note so personal, so heartfelt, it really hits home, giving everyone who reads it a better, more insightful understanding of what they’re going through-and once again, driving home why tzedaka from B’ezri makes such a difference.

It’s good for the soul.

Dear B’ezri,

Running the home, giving to the children, really listening to them and providing for all their needs…it’s a challenging job for every mother. But for a mother who is an almana, doing it all alone, without her husband at her side in her m’lechet hakodesh, it’s a job that is so hard - it’s nearly impossible.

Yet this is how I function day after day after day, squeezing out every last drop of strength (which I don’t even have) and doing everything possible so that my children will grow up happy and satisfied, mamash just like any child who has two parents.

But I feel worn out, left with no koach. I don’t treat myself to anything so that I will be able to give my children as much as possible. I have terrible dental problems I haven’t been able to take care of - they make me feel like a 120 year old grandmother! So what do I do? I go for a consultation and when I hear the amount I’ll need, I feel like the sky will fall down on me! All I can think is, how?? Where will I find this money?

Here, B’ezri, is where you come in.
You provided me with the help I needed. You were the malachim from shamayim- a sign from Hashem that He is taking care of us and showing me, “I’m with you, I’m sending you shlichim tovim.” You remember. You always remember yesomim, the children of the Melech Malchei HaM’lachim! And He, HaMelech HaGadol, Avi HaYesomim, remembers me- He sent you to help! 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this huge chesed that you’ve done for me.
You must understand that this was tremendous financial support, but it was even more than that-much more. As someone who is worn out, someone who pretty much erases herself and her own needs while always taking care of others’... you gave me support for my soul. With the ability to get the care I need now…I’m simply crying from gratitude.

I have no words to thank you. You’ve given me my health. You’ve given me joy. You’ve given me the strength to keep moving forward. You’ve given my children a mother!

I can’t stop thanking and blessing you,
Chana G.


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