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We've Ordered 25,000 Winter Coats!

Our largest order ever

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Temperatures in Israel have been soaring, with heat at or close to 100 degrees, but that's not stopping us at American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri from thinking about the cold and rain of winter. Accordingly, we've just placed our Winter Warmth Campaign order: 20,000 brand new coats for children and 5,000 for young women and mothers, our largest order in the history of this program!

Increased costs of living plague families in every season, and winter is certainly no exception. Staying functional and providing necessities at home is an uphill battle, making the purchase of good coats impossible. The war is adding strain to so many households, too, with reduced incomes, job losses, emotional and physical trauma and other challenges affecting parents and children throughout the country. Need is greater than ever and we work day in and day out to combat it. 

Ordering this far in advance benefits AFYE/B'ezri with costs, too, getting us the best prices for custom designed coats that are of the highest quality. It also assures that our shipments arrive and countrywide distributions can begin before the cold sets in, saving families any discomfort that winter's frigid temperatures bring. Proactivity and effectivity are two of the many characteristics that make us a leading Israeli charity.

Our Winter Warmth Campaign is a lifesaver for the needy. Year after year, parents and distribution coordinators alike are astounded at our stylish, premium coats, which bring invaluable warmth and relief to the women and children who receive them. We fill in the gaps, supplying these simple but desperately needed items to families who can't afford them alone.

With scorching days arriving one after the next, winter may feel far off, but we know it will be here sooner than it seems - and G-d willing we'll be ready.

Please join us. Help us provide critical relief for families this summer-for the winter!


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