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Winter Warmth coordinators & recipients alike are amazed at the coats we distribute

by KR

0 Comments | Sunday, January 16, 2022 under Winter Warmth Campaign

It's unanimous. Quality is key.

Every year our Winter Warmth Campaign, the distribution of beautiful winter coats and blankets to needy families, brings countless expressions of sincere thanks from parents. They are extremely appreciative of the items we provide, which enable them to stay warm and live in a dignified way, not having to worry about how to afford coats for their children and blankets for their beds. 

Recently we've also been hearing from gabaim and volunteers who run the project in locations across the country, who have especially taken notice of our merchandise. They are amazed at the coats we've been distributing: the variety, the quantities, and especially the quality. Take a look at just some of the thank you notes that our community representatives have sent.


As a leading Israeli charity that knows the communities we serve well, we are driven to provide them with the best items possible and do so in the most respectable way. 

Because every family should be able to stay warm in the winter.

We are still working on Winter Warmth distributions, allaying cold weather suffering for families in need. Your help will enable us to continue this successful campaign!


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