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Not long until Pesach!

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The countdown is on. Pesach will be here in the blink of an eye. One of the most expensive times on the Jewish calendar, even for average families, Pesach 2024/5784  will be more challenging than most people can remember. Making Yom Tov is extremely worrying for families who struggle to get by on a regular basis. Effects of Israel's ongoing war are also impacting additional households in numerous ways: reservist fathers are still absent from their homes, with mothers struggling to pay for expenses on limited incomes. Families are still displaced. Food prices were already rising pre-war, but have escalated significantly again. Other costs of living (mortgages, rent fees, utilities) continue to increase.

Families are desperately working to retain normality in their homes but the difficult economy keeps throwing obstacles their way. Taking on a big holiday like Pesach is daunting to say the least, and many people won't be able to do it alone. As a leading Israeli charity, B'ezri is ever prepared and proactive and has already begun working on bringing families relief for Pesach-relief that will ensure they can still make a respectable holiday even with all the challenges impacting them.

Our campaigns this Pesach will allocate an astounding $3.3 million in maos chittim aid:
$1 million in support to 3,800 struggling families with a focus on those in the south
$200,000 in aid to 800 divorced women
A holiday
 stipend in addition to the monthly stipend for the 900 almanos in our Keren, totalling $1.2 million
$900,000 in aid to 4,500 needy IDF soldiers throughout the country

Imagine the relief of these families as they do their Yom Tov shopping with confidence-and not having to return basic holiday items to the shelves due to lack of money-something they are all too familiar with.
We will create a Pesach they can really enjoy - but only with your tzedaka support.

Please join us!



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