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Watch how our Stand With Israel campaign has been bringing relief

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Just hours after news of October 7th's tragic events became available, B'ezri began to identify numerous types of need that were quickly developing for individuals and families throughout the country.

With that knowledge, B'ezri sprang into action to bring tzedaka relief through our Stand With Israel campaign which began the next day and has spanned over the subsequent months.

We've been distributing myriad types of aid including urgent equipment to IDF soldiers, badly needed supplies for displaced families, essentials for families in the south who were unable to evacuate and others facing war-related challenges. We will continue to help families even after the war, with long term challenges many are/will be facing. 

Watch how our $3.9 million campaign has been making an impact on the lives of our recipients, easing their struggles during an exceptionally difficult time. 



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