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B'ezri's coat distributions are in full swing

Monday, December 18, 2023

In Neve Yaakov. In Brachfeld & Kiryat Sefer. In Ashdod. In Netivot.

The buzz around town is all about B'ezri's winter coats. And that's just for starters.

Our Winter Warmth distributions, expertly run by hardworking gabbei tzedaka and volunteers, are making their way across the country, with relief and so much joy accompanying each coat that is allocated. Families are flocking to our highly organized distributions, where they can see the coats in person and try on sizes firsthand, choosing exactly what they want and need. 

Struggling parents can breathe more easily, knowing their children can now brave the elements in a good winter coat. Kids are happy and feel "normal" knowing they can come to school warm, wearing a nice coat just like their friends. Everyone appreciates the choice of colors and fabrics, and of course the high level of quality. We're providing over 20,800 coats to families in need through these distributions- your donations are what enable us to do so. Help us make this winter a warmer one for so many! 




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