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Ten Thank You Notes That Will Warm Your Heart

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Wednesday, February 06, 2019 under Volunteering, News & Events

What happens when you support Israeli families during our Winter Warmth Campaign

Israel has been having some significant winter weather the past few weeks, with more rain (hopefully!) expected in the next few days. While the country needs the water and we're grateful for every drop (after all, we daven/pray for it throughout the season), the discomfort that the wet and cold causes for the poor can't be underestimated. That's why Yad Eliezer works so hard to get people the coats and blankets they wouldn't have, if not for our Winter Warmth Campaign-because trying to make it through the winter without them, is unimaginable. 
Yad Eliezer relies on the generosity of you, our donors, to fund crucial programs like this one and we're so grateful you always come through. The recipients are grateful too, of course, and they send us hundreds of thank you notes each year. Obviously no one is doing this for the thanks, we all just want to help.

But with so many to read through, I wanted to share a few words from some of them (and from a few of our volunteers), which may give you an idea of the impact your donations are making. 


In no particular order, here are excerpts from ten thank you notes that will warm your heart:

10. "Our two sons have always gotten coats as hand-me-downs. Though they've never seemed like they felt they were missing anything, they were doubly pleased over the coats they were given through the distribution: Not only were they the right size this time, and the perfect fit in which to keep warm throughout the chilly Jerusalem winter, they were the first new coats Yoni and Menachem have ever received."
9. "The incredible joy you have brought to our dear children, along with the help you've provided our family with, should always be a z'chut for you."
8. "If only you could see the reactions of the children as they received their coats: faces filled with light,  wide smiles, shining eyes. Some were jumping for joy, some had tears, some were reciting Tehilim, Mizmor L'Todah and Yishtabach!"
7. "I was honored to be able to distribute these coats and bring this happiness to kids who have never felt this kind of joy..."
6. "What a downpour of abundance we were zoche to, last week! Beautiful, warm winter coats to protect our kinderlach-in time for the weekend rainstorm."
5. "Thank you so much for the coats! They were high quality, practical and stylish. Both parents and their children were delighted to receive the gift of a coat and feel well cared for and protected."  
4. "We heard about a coat distribution for our two children and thought, 'Is it worth it to go there? Likely they'll be used...shmattes... ' My wife came home and said it was like a store! People were there to help with fitting, and to recommend which ones looked best...And the coats themselves were beautiful-of the best quality! Everything was done with such dignity-we felt like we went on a shopping trip. We can't thank you enough."
3. "The coats we received are heavy and beautiful-at the highest standard. They are warming us physically and they are warming our souls, as we marvel over the incredible chesed you've done. It is your chesed that is helping us get through this winter in happiness, in comfort and in health."
2. "In the name of all the families who received a warm, enveloping hug from you, 
in the name of the children who can now walk to school in new coats,
and in the name of the youth who are are growing towards adulthood in the zchut of your help...
on behalf of them all, thank you. May you continue in your generosity."
1. "I was brought to tears when I got a message that coats were available for my children. Just a few days before, they had said to me, 'Mommy, it's already winter and we don't have coats. What will we do?' And then that message arrived and Baruch Hashem, you brought happiness and light into our home-you warmed our hearts!"
We'd thank you ourselves, but the families you're helping do it so much better.  


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