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One million dollars for thousands of families!

Monday, February 20, 2023

In our annual Purim tradition, American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri is once again providing critical help in honor of the holiday to thousands of families this year. We will allocate one million dollars in support to more than 6,000 homes, including 780 families of grushot and other needy households. Nine hundred Almanos will be receiving extra support for Purim, too. Donations to our Matanot L'evyonim campaign are critical to our goal-they help us bring relief to struggling families who are under tremendous pressure in the lead up to Purim. They know that other families are excitedly preparing Mishlochei Manot and festive Purim seudas with family and friends, and they wish they could do the same. But with daily needs in the home already a struggle to provide, money for these kinds of holiday necessities just isn't there. 

Yaffa L., a divorced mom of 3, describes how difficult Purim is for her as a single mother. "I work as many hours as I can so I can give my kids what they need but it's always hard. I don't finish the month by any means. Groceries, electricity and water, buying clothes for my kids, tuitions, paying the arnona (property tax), it's all too much on my single salary. Never mind medications that my daughter needs... Purim is fun for other people, but it's a hard time in our house- I can't afford the expenses. Of course I want to make it a nice chag for my family, too, but how can I pay for everything...it just can't be done."
Our Matanot L'evyonim campaign really makes a difference to families like Yaffa's and so many others. It helps them fulfill their Purim mitzvot with dignity, enabling parents and children to sit down to a full seuda table, relieved of the shame and disappointment that would otherwise accompany their holiday. The atmosphere in their homes is transformed-it becomes filled with simcha as they celebrate Purim like the yom tov it is. Donors' tzedaka, low overhead, thorough planning and effective procedures are what make us one of the widest reaching Jewish charities in Israel, and we assist thousands of families for Purim throughout the country.

Please join us as we once again make this transformation for needy families this Purim!


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