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A Purim Miracle in our Time

The first-hand "Al HaNisim" of a single mother

by KR

0 Comments | Sunday, March 06, 2022 under Matanot L'Evyonim

If you ever wondered what Matanos L'Evyonim donations really mean to the families we help, please take a look at a beautiful, first person account of how they transform the Chag. You will make this kind of impact, too, with your tzedaka...

It’s Purim time
In every “normal” home, it appears as a happy day, one full of packing Mishlochei Manot, preparations for a Seuda
Excitement and anticipation
But by us, it is an extremely difficult day
My children see what Purim is supposed to look like
They want to dress up
They ask to prepare Mishlochei Manot for their friends
But I have no way to give them what they need
I’m busy just trying to create some semblance of a Seuda
Something that feels festive and nice but is made up of a very small amount of food
Our situation is extremely hard, every responsibility of the household is on me, alone
My financial problems are overwhelming
Debts, a frozen bank account, food bills, threats of cut-off from the electric company and the water
All this and so much more as I try to support four children, the youngest just one year old
Every day another struggle to survive

But this year, a Purim miracle happened for us
The minute I got a phone call that help would be available for the Chag
I simply burst into tears
Unfortunately my children are used to seeing me like this - crying
And they were worried
What happened this time?
I explained to them
That this time, my tears were tears of joy
And emotion over the fact that someone out there cares 
That our suffering affected him 
And that in the midst of his own Purim celebration
He found time to give us a celebration, too

I was thrilled, my children were thrilled
Our emotions had changed from one extreme to the other
I was able to breathe
And we were able to celebrate Purim like every other regular family (almost!)
There are simply no words that can describe the goodness you’ve done for us

You've given me an added level of kavana when I say Al HaNisim
On behalf of my children-thank you
Our bracha for you 
May everything you receive from Hashem be blessed completely
May you always celebrate holidays with your family in health and prosperity
Thank you for my personal Nes Shel Purim!

With tremendous gratitude and appreciation,
Miriam B. and children


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