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B'ezri's First Year

And what a year it's been!

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Congratulations are in order at B'ezri, as our first year's numbers are in-and they are astounding. In just 12 short months, tens of millions of dollars have fed, clothed, brought simcha and provided relief to tens of thousands of struggling Israeli families. With over 15 programs that address a wide variety of challenges, B'ezri has been filling in the gaps, working to ensure that needs are met so  families can function with a feeling of normalcy. Here's a sample of some of our incredible 2022 numbers:

$9,106,075, distributed through our Keren Almanos, helped bring stability to 1104 widows and their children 

$1,924,744 in hachnosas kallah funds made the simchas of 1,242 families through Adopt a Wedding so they could celebrate with kavod

Through our Holiday funds, $4,336,162 enabled 15,430 families to buy food so they could bring in Yomim Tovim with excitement

$1,692,797 in tzedaka ensured that Single Mothers could provide for their children's needs

Over 20,000 coats and 10,000 blankets were distributed, bringing Winter Warmth to women, children and families, with funding of $636,724

And in another noteworthy achievement this year, B'ezri has received the status of "Seif 46", official accreditation from the Israel Tax Authority, which confirms we are a certified tzedaka organization and are included in the list of recognized Israeli charities.

Generous donors, dedicated staff, and consistently updated operating methods are just a few of the B'ezri elements that ensure incredible accomplishments like these can be achieved.

And now, it's off to another busy year! At B'ezri we look forward to many more years of big accomplishments that bring big relief to Israel's neediest.


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