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Monday, July 25, 2022

American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B’ezri has stepped up this summer to bring $650,000 worth of relief to the 840 women in our Keren Almanos by providing each one with an extra month’s stipend to alleviate some of their debilitating need this season. (For each of the 12 months of the year, the Almanos in our program receive a family-specific stipend, amount determined by the number of children in the home and household situation. This added assistance provides them with a 13th month of support.)

The summer aid is especially welcome, as increases in costs of living for the most basic necessities are making it nearly impossible for needy Almanos to stay functional, never mind send any children to summer camps or take a break themselves. Newest price hikes include the cost of eggs (up 6.5%) and dairy products (4.9%), plus government subsidized bread (price-capped to “ensure” it can be affordable), which is expected to climb an alarming 36%. Next month, the cost of electricity is expected to rise by 10%. 

Average working households are feeling the strain of these and other heightened expenses but they are creating emergency situations in homes of poor families (which is why we’re once again running our Summer Relief Campaign) and of single parents such as Almanos, who are facing these problems alone. 

Whether they choose to use their additional allocation for necessities such as groceries, utilities, rent, clothing, a tuition payment, supplies for the approaching school year, badly-needed vacation time/activities, or a combination of all of the above, this aid is making a meaningful impact. 

Our Keren Almanos coordinator comments:
“We are getting so much positive feedback from so many Almanos, about the extra money for the summer.
I have an Almana with 4 young children; she didn't register them for day camp because she didn't have an extra shekel. They have been home with her for 3 weeks already. Now, she is going away with her kids for 5 days to a hotel. This will be the highlight of their summer!
Another Almana is going away by herself to recharge her emotional batteries..
For so many of these Almanos who have to calculate every penny they spend, this extra salary feels like they are being spoiled.  No one ever spoils them!”

Feedback and change like this is possible due to the generosity of your tzedaka. Help us continue providing relief for Israel’s neediest families! 


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