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Alleviating the Big Stress of "Chofesh HaGadol"

Yad Eliezer's Summer Relief Campaign is in full swing

Monday, July 05, 2021

With Israeli schools now officially out for summer, the next few weeks, "Chofesh HaGadol" ("the Big Vacation", i.e. summer break) are like a dream for kids who are finally on "real" vacation-not just another quasi-break from school due to the pandemic. Summer camps, family outings and less rigid schedules all make for wonderful experiences and memories for children, growing up.

On the flip side are the less-than-ideal experiences of children who grow up in poverty. 
Summertime usually means decreased cognitive stimulation and social interactions due to financial pressures that prevent them from attending camp or educational programs. With nowhere to go they are stuck in the house, resulting in higher food and utility costs for families who already can't pay those bills. Parents who are employed (still not a given following the pandemic's effect on the job market) struggle to work when kids are home-whether their jobs can be performed from home at all, or whether they must go out to work and somehow arrange for childcare, which is largely unaffordable. The situations rapidly become worse in homes where parents aren't working. In one way or another, all needy families are affected detrimentally during summer vacation and feel its tremendous strain.

Devora R. of Ofakim is just one example. Divorced and supporting her two children by herself on a minimally paying salary (her husband doesn't cover child support) this last year has been especially difficult. They've had to move three times and Devora incurred heavy debt because of it. These costs, in addition to her kids' daily needs-even the most basic like healthy foods, have made paying for summer camp impossible.

Our Summer Relief Campaign was established to alleviate summer strain and expenses for needy families like Devora's, and, as a top Israeli charity, Yad Eliezer does it expertly. It is an invaluable program that provides significant relief for parents by helping pay utility and food costs for their homes over the long, hot summer, while providing fun and stimulation for children through camp sponsorships. The program transforms the summer from a time of nonstop discomfort and anxiety into one that brings a sense of reprieve and a feeling of the "vacation" that it's meant to be. 

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