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Thursday, May 09, 2024

With Lag B'omer behind us, the prelude to wedding season (one of busiest times of the year in tzedaka) has begun. Requests for wedding assistance have been steadily increasing in the American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri office over the last few weeks, amounting to several hundreds of requests.

With needy families having just finished getting through the expenses of Pesach, those who are trying to plan their upcoming simchas don't have time to breathe, as the costs of wedding preparations now loom over them. And in an extremely difficult economic climate, with even the most basic costs of living continuing to climb, families are grasping for ways to pay for their wedding necessities.

Thankfully Adopt a Wedding is here to ease the strain. Our program helped over 2,000 families make their simchas last year alone with more than $2.5 million dollars in tzedaka support. The Adopt a Wedding funds have an invaluable ripple effect: coverage of expenses leads to peace of mind and the ability to make dignified weddings, which helps chassanim, kallas and their families genuinely celebrate with simcha.

"We were beside ourselves with worry about how to make a wedding for our daughter. Medical bills were weighing down on us and we were feeling financial pressure from every direction. A wedding is usually a happy time but all we could feel was anxiety-and it was overwhelming. 

We are so grateful that Hashem sent shlichim in the form of generous donors (people who don't even know us!), who truly helped us. You completely transformed our situation and there are no words to describe the chesed you've done for us. To say 'thank you' will never be enough!"
Yaakov E. and family

With 34 weddings celebrated on Lag B'omer alone, we have much to do-but we rely on donor support to get families the hachnosas kallah support they need.

Please help us keep the ball rolling!


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