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Seven excerpts of beautiful wedding thank you’s

by KR

0 Comments | Sunday, June 11, 2023 under Adopt-a-Wedding

Wedding season is definitely in full swing. At American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B’ezri we can tell--not only by looking at the calendar but also, by the huge pile of requests we’ve received  (a pile that keeps growing with each day that passes) for help over the next few weeks. Thanks to our donors’ generosity to the Adopt a Wedding program, we can let so many struggling families in the stack of requests know that yes, help is available! And when we pass on that message, reactions range from surprised laughter & astonishment to speechlessness & tears, and everything in between.
The gratitude people experience is to such a degree that it usually inspires them to send us beautiful thank you notes - letters addressed to our donors, expressing how deeply they are affected by the hachnosas kallah support, and how much it transforms their simcha.  

I wish I could share every thank you note that comes in, but there are just too many. So in honor of wedding season, chesed and the Sheva Brachos that accompany every wedding, here are sheva (7) excerpts of thank you notes that moved us, heartfelt words that especially stood out, and express the impact Adopt a Wedding makes on needy families.
1.“I am writing this in tears. I am so emotional, having just gotten the message that you are helping me with wedding expenses. Yet another surprise from Hashem! Thank you for making hachnosas kallah ring true for me. I hope to be able one day to do this for someone else.”

2.“Thanks to your help our wedding was especially happy and complete. The preparations were made with such a sense of calm. Your chesed is something I’ll never forget.”

3.“Two important words-heartfelt thanks!
Hashem should reward you for truly turning our tears of uncertainty into tears of appreciation.”

4.“You were sent to us from Shamayim. It must be, because your help came at the perfect time!”

5.“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing happiness to this Almana and her children-helping us get to the chuppah with menuchat hanefesh. I am simply moved to tears and words can never fully describe how grateful I am.”

6.“You can’t imagine our emotion when we saw the money in our account. At first we couldn’t understand how some of our checks actually cleared. Then we saw the generous help you sent-and then we understood.”

7.“Hashem took me into His hands and showed me that miracles do happen. They did for me, right before my eyes, thanks to people like you.”



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