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Our Shipment of 20,800 Winter Coats Has Arrived!

And 10,000 blankets are on the way

Monday, November 20, 2023

Right on time, our shipment of new, high quality coats, special-ordered months ago for our Winter Warmth campaign,
has arrived in Israel. 

The 20,800 coats are being delivered to our warehouse where they will be sorted and distributed to thousands of families in cities and communities throughout the country. With the rain and cold already setting in, the timing couldn't be more perfect.
Our order for 10,000 thick, new winter quilts has also been placed and will arrive soon, as well. 

The need for good coats and blankets is more urgent than ever this winter due to the upheaval in families' lives caused by the war. High costs of living were already putting severe pressure on families, impacting their ability to stay functional with basic needs. The effects of war, especially on displaced families and those living in southern cities, are straining parents further and the wintry weather will be a significant challenge. 

Thankfully our Winter Warmth campaign is there to allay worry and bring thousands of families tremendous comfort and relief with every coat and blanket allocated. Donor help is critical in helping us cover costs! Join us and together we can make it an easier winter for thousands of families throughout the country. 


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