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Monday, October 23, 2023

It's hard to keep up with all the vital support B'ezri has been distributing these past few weeks to individuals and families affected by the war. Right at the start of Operation Iron Swords, B'ezri immediately began sending out "smart support": practical help such as packages of toys and games to families in the south, urgent supplies for IDF soldiers, special masks for chevra kaddisha workers. And that smart support hasn't stopped since. In fact it has increased, growing with each day that passes. 

These are just a few of the distributions we've run:

-1000 shekels were allocated to 190 grushot and 250 melamdim from the south to help with family expenses
-Over 800 packages of diapers, wipes and baby formula were provided to displaced Sderot families, now in Jerusalem
-2400 boxes of cereal were delivered to families in the south
-900 fast phone chargers and other supplies were sent to IDF soldiers
-500 games were delivered to children in Beitar
-Classroom supplies for kindergartners rehoused in the Ramada hotel were provided
-1000 arts and crafts packages for children were brought to homes in netivot, ofakim, tifrach and ashkelon
-4000 books were sent to children and families in the south
-35 pallets of snack foods for kids are being distributed to families

We are also providing much needed services including, but not limited to:
-Laundry service for families from the south, done by our volunteers-they've washed clothes of over 400 families
(2,000+ people) so far
-Installation of donated washers /dryer at a hotel for families' use
-Babysitting and child care for families in hotels by our volunteers

These kinds of help are really just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more being done on the ground, 
at all hours of the day.

And B'ezri is constantly reassessing, constantly evaluating how we can best provide our practical, "smart support". Our focus is on filling people's most vital needs and allocating help as cost effectively as possible.
As a matter of fact, most of our distributions are carried out by volunteers and staff members themselves,
saving thousands of dollars.

Please help us in this critical aid mission as we Stand With Israel. There is so much to be done-now and for the long term.
And we'll do it-your generous support makes it possible. Donate to our Charidy campaign here.


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