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Sunday, April 16, 2023

After an unbelievable Pesach campaign, in which American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri distributed 2.95 million dollars in donor tzedaka support to thousands of needy families for holiday expenses, we are back to business, working anew to help them with their many day-to-day needs.

Doing this at the highest level of efficiency and at an equally high level of empathy is what "back to business" means for us, since for parents and children who are living in terrible poverty, "back to business" means they are back to their 24/7 fight: to put food on the table, cover emergency expenses, make simchas and provide for countless other necessities (usually, the most basic) that keep families living in a normative way. Cost of living increases only make their fight harder and we recognize that though the holiday has ended, their need certainly hasn't.

So as a Jerusalem charity that reaches families across Israel, we are here to provide them with help and relief. Your support is key to getting us back to the business of compassion.


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