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Monday, March 13, 2023

With just a few weeks to go until Pesach, American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri's Pesach programs are underway, moving forward at full speed. 

Pesach expenses are often burdensome even for average Israeli families, and parents look for ways to cut down on bills however and wherever they can. 

The challenges of this economy, though, are proving too difficult for needy families to bear. Increased costs of living have also started affecting households that were stable for the most part in the past, but are now slipping into financial need due to their inability to keep up - so the prospect of purchasing Pesach foods is daunting to say the least, placing tremendous stress on these households at the thought of being unable to buy enough foods to fulfill Pesach chiyuvim (obligations) for all family members, and to feed everyone for the duration of the yom tov.

American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri is once again, urgently implementing our two critical annual Pesach campaigns, to lessen the burdens these families are facing. 

Our IDF Pesach campaign, through our matching program, will provide $500,000 worth of supermarket gift cards to 3,135 soldiers from needy families, lone soldiers, and those who are struggling to raise families of their own. The cards enable them to shop for Pesach foods at major supermarket chains so they can purchase their holiday needs with ease. IDF soldiers work so hard for Am Yisrael and we'll be there to lessen their worries in preparation for Pesach, showing them how much we value their invaluable work.

Our Pesach campaign will reach out to 900 Almanos and their children who will receive an extra stipend for Kimcha D'Pischa (Pesach tzedaka) in addition to their regular monthly stipends, aid that totals $1.25 million dollars. We'll also help 800 Grushos and their families, plus 2,500 other kinds of families who are trying their best, but struggling to keep their homes stable and functional, with $1.2 million dollars!

Our support is sent throughout the country, to communities large and small, via bank transfers or through supermarket gift cards so recipients can purchase the foods on their Pesach lists with dignity-no one in the store knows their items are being paid for with tzedaka funds.  

Both programs ensure that needy families can sit down at their Seder tables (and be prepared for the rest of the chag), with relief, but also with tremendous simcha and kavod-feelings every family should have on such an important and major holiday. 
We need your support - there is much chesed to be done and tzedaka to be allocated! Please join us - contribute to our programs today and be a part of our vital Pesach mission: make this Yom Tov a memorable one - in a good way - for needy families.


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