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Monday, December 05, 2022

Signs of Chanukah are everywhere: chanukiot/menorahs of all shapes and sizes (and their accessories!) are for sale in stores on every street. Sufganiot are in abundance in every bakery and supermarket, businesses and homes alike are highly decorated and toy stores are running their holiday sales. 

The signs of Chanukah are here at American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri, too. Because we know that the feeling of Chanukah is just not the same for families in need, who are burdened with the overwhelming costs of living that make the gifts, special treats and other elements of the chag simply unattainable, we are already allocating funds to 1796 Grushot in 50 cities across Israel who are struggling to raise their children alone. Each woman will receive between 750-1500 NIS (based on family size) for basic and holiday necessities, to lighten her family's load and make their chag a bit brighter.

Funds from our Chanukah campaign, currently underway, will bring a sense of relief and celebration to numerous additional families, too, in homes where both are sorely lacking. 

Help us provide signs of Chanukah - including light, warmth and joy through your donations - to needy families this year via our Chanukah campaign.

The dignity and excitement brought to their lives thanks to your tzedaka, will make this Chanukah one that feels like a real holiday. 

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