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100,000 NIS Starts Kids' School Year off, Right

Annual school supply campaign makes a difference

Monday, August 22, 2022

The new school year is just around the corner and stores across the country have their Back to School displays prominently featured. It's a welcome sight for many parents, who can take care of their shopping needs early and easily, checking off one more task on the to-do list before the school year begins. It is also a welcome sight for their children, who look forward to picking out colorful, fun new items with which to fill backpacks, unload on the first day of classes and then compare and chat about with their friends.

That welcome sight is much less so for needy parents, who view the displays with anxiety. After a long, costly summer, the purchase of school supplies is yet another hurdle that looms before them, one more expense that gets added to the list of necessities for which there is no money. Parental radar also picks up the fact that in just a few short weeks, the High Holidays will be here and they will be challenged then as well, to somehow cover those costs so they can make some semblance of yom tov for their families.

"B"H I am working, my husband is working too, but even so, with the amount we take home, and the prices the way they are, we are still strapped even to buy food. We did nothing special over summer vacation, we managed to keep our kids at home between the two of us but there were no outings, not even a museum or day trip. It's out of the question. Now school is starting again, I don't know how we will buy our kids the supplies that are on their lists. We just can't.." 

American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri well understands that the purchase of school supplies, particularly for multiple children, is not something that can be taken for granted in needy homes, especially at one of the most expensive times of year. It carries a substantial cost for families who are already struggling to pay for groceries, clothing, rent and other basics, so our Back to School Campaign was established to alleviate this additional expense for them. 

Our partnerships with office supply/stationery stores in cities including Ofakim, Itamar, Tzfat, Kiryat Sefer and Tel Zion enable us to purchase store credit at a discounted rate. This allows us to allocate 150 NIS worth of credit to 600 children to use for school supply purchases. Instead of distributing sets of pre-selected supplies, our method gives families the ability to choose which items they want and need, providing them with a shopping trip similar to that of other families.

It is our forward thinking approach that makes us one of the most effective Jewish charities in Israel.

School starts September first so the pressure is on. Please help us help needy families get their children ready so they can come to class prepared and confident, by contributing to our Back to School campaign


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