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In Honor of Shavuos

Over 500,000 NIS in proactive and practical Yom Tov help is being distributed to families

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Once again, in time for a yom tov, American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri is thinking proactively, working to "lighten the load" in needy households. In honor of Shavuos, we are running an incredible project, distributing funds to struggling families so they can purchase food for chag at leading supermarkets, enabling them to cook and celebrate just like their friends and neighbors. Five hundred thousand shekels in vouchers is going out to homes across the country (500 NIS each for 1,000 families) in cities such as Ofakim, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Netivot, Bnei Brak and others, where there are especially large concentrations of poor households. 

In addition, American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri is distributing a fun & special gift for the women in our Keren Almanos - a home pizza maker, which many people also use as an electric frying pan. This widely popular item has gotten rave reviews from users around the world due to its practicality and versatility, so we knew it would make a wonderful gift for the mothers we help. The appliance is being distributed to the 830 Almanos in our program.

As with all of our projects & programs, our aim is to show these families they aren't alone or forgotten.
Thinking out of the box while striving to bring relief is just one of the things that places American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri at the top of the Israeli charities list.

Your support helps keep us there. Join us today!


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