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"Nishtana" this Pesach!

Our Pesach campaigns will make Yom Tov VERY different for needy families

Sunday, April 03, 2022

850 Almanos + 600 Grushos and their children.
3,000 households of struggling IDF soldiers.
3,000 families who are living in desperate need.

These are just some of the people who will receive invaluable food help through American Friends of Yad Eliezer's Pesach campaigns, in time for the holiday. Families like these, who are unable to afford daily basics including bread, milk, produce and eggs (let alone food for Shabbos), have been struggling more than ever, lately. 

A recent article in the Jerusalem Post reports that Israel is the 6th most expensive country for food products in the world, and the current increase in prices has only increased families' strain - and suffering. The approach of Pesach, which is an expensive holiday even for an average family, presents heightened challenges for the needy. Parents want to provide their children with the Pesach experience they should have - seated at a Seder table with all the necessities from Kaddesh to Nirtza, and with enough Kosher L’Pesach food to last the week. But they are agonizing, knowing that prices for those necessities, especially now due to challenges in the supply chain and challenges caused by the situation in Ukraine (from which Israel receives a good portion of food imports), are completely out of reach. 

“Items we need for Pesach-matza, vegetables, chicken would be nice, even in small amounts..I just can’t do it…We can make a bottle of wine stretch as much as possible but I need to stretch everything…” says one mother.

American Friends of Yad Eliezer, one of the leading Jewish charities that help the poor in Israel, is enabling families to experience some relief and a sense of freedom from their suffering, this Zman Cheiruteinu. Our Pesach campaign and Holidays for IDF Soldiers program are bringing urgent financial aid to households in over 24 cities and communities throughout the country so they can shop at the stores of their choice and purchase the products their families need and enjoy. 

Donations are key to helping us in our critical mission: replacing worry and hunger this Pesach with relief, happiness, dignified Seder tables and full refrigerators. Together we can make that difference.


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