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new winter coats on display

Our Order is Complete!

Over 14,000 coats are ready to ship for our Winter Warmth campaign

Monday, October 18, 2021

Thanks to early and careful planning, American Friends of Yad Eliezer is one step closer to the approaching launch of our Winter Warmth Campaign's coat distribution.

Back in June, we placed our order for brand new, custom made, quality winter coats: 4,500 in young womens' sizes, 5,700 in boys' sizes, and 5,000 for girls

Our high level of preparedness (one of the characteristics that makes our organization among the top rated charities) and advance ordering ensures we are able to get up-to-date, current and stylish outerwear, items that appeal to a wide range of recipients, at cost effective prices. Not only do we get the best value for our investment, but we provide beautiful coats to needy recipients, enabling them to wear them proudly, confidently and with dignity.

Among the myriad forms of excited and positive feedback, one of last year's grateful recipients of our campaign commented how fashionable her coat was:

"I never really thought I could ever own a coat that looked like this one...it's the kind that my friends all have...and it's brand new! It feels so warm and makes me feel so happy..." American Friends of Yad Eliezer is looking forward to eliciting these kinds of reactions once again, this year. 

Despite multiple manufacturing challenges taking place currently in China, we've been assured that our order is complete and is being readied for shipment in just a few days.

The timing is perfect as the weather in Israel is beginning to cool, which means that winter cold and rain will be soon to follow. It also means that families in need, who can't afford the costs of winter coats, are getting nervous about staying warm over the next few months.

It's not too late to transform this winter into one that is warmer and drier for parents and children who consider a new winter coat, a luxury. Please donate to our Winter Warmth Campaign and bring excitement, joy and dignity - in the form of a coat - to Israel's neediest families.


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