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Invaluable Friends, Invaluable Support for Meron Families

Meridian Initiative & TYH provide aid for Yom Tov & more

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Several months have passed since the Meron tragedy, but the victims and their families haven't faded into the background for Yad Eliezer. They are a priority. 

Yad Eliezer is grateful to have dedicated friends who feel the same, and, through our Keren Meron Fund, are fervently helping to bring relief to these households, whose lives have been forever altered due to the calamity. 

The Meridian Initiative, led by Ralph Herzka and his committed team, is one of those friends. Staunch supporters, they have been generously providing for the Keren Almanos and other Yad Eliezer programs for years and now, recognizing the urgent need in the homes of the Meron victims, they are stepping in again to bring relief in time for Yom Tov.

Thanks to the philanthropy of the Initiative, every family is receiving $2,000-$5,000 for expenses, easing their anxiety as they face the painful experience of celebrating the High Holidays without their loved ones, for the first time. 

Together with the charitable giving of T.Y.H. (Thank You Hashem), who partnered to fund the Keren Meron, the incredible support supplements Yad Eliezer's provision of aid to the families. Assistance includes critical monthly allocations, resources for various forms of therapy, counseling programs and myriad other vital essentials.

These combined efforts are crucial, as we work toward a common goal: relieving the suffering families' financial worries, which nurtures stability in their homes. In turn, this bolsters them emotionally, as they try to get back on their feet. 

Yad Eliezer is extremely grateful to the Meridian Initiative and T.Y.H., integral contributors, invaluable friends, and compassionate benefactors for families in pain - and need.


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