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Our Back to School Campaign is Back in Action

And helping needy families in time for the school year

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The first day of school is on the horizon, so Yad Eliezer's Back to School Campaign is back in action. The program is a critical one for needy families who are trying to cope with one of their most challenging expenses at the start of the school year. The added cost of new supplies is overwhelming for parents who already struggle to pay for basic needs like food and utilities. Purchasing one child's new notebooks, pens, folders and other necessities is extremely difficult, but it's compounded further in homes with multiple children. And with the High Holidays just around the corner, this time of year brings tremendous financial and emotional strain to needy parents who are pulled in so many different directions. 

Yad Eliezer's partnership with the Chanan stationery and office supply chain enables us to purchase gift cards at a discount, which are then passed on to families who are challenged to cover the cost of school supplies. Their ability to walk into the store and have their children choose what they want and need, is a source of great relief for struggling parents. "Thank you for helping me purchase what my daughter requires, in time for the first day of school. It really alleviated my worry-I was afraid she would be the only one who didn't have something new when school began. Now I know she will walk into the classroom feeling prepared and confident."

Your support makes Yad Eliezer one of the top Israeli charities, enabling us to bring this kind of relief for countless households. Please help us create a positive experience for needy children as they start their new school year. Together we will make a difference.


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