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Thank You for an Incredible Chag!

by Shalvi Weissman

0 Comments | Sunday, October 28, 2012 under Food Boxes, Holiday Fund

These past High Holidays, with your generous help Yad Eliezer was able to make a tremendous difference to the poor families of Israel. The online donations were record breaking! On one hand it is heartbreaking to see how much dire need there is, but on the other hand it is heartwarming to see that even in today’s difficult economy, people are stretching themselves to help others.

The numbers of families that were helped in the recent months is staggering. Some 4000 food boxes were distributed all over Israel. Close to a thousand single mothers- widows, divorcees and agunos received ample support. Hundreds of IDF soldiers who would have otherwise dreaded spending the chag in a home with an empty kitchen were able to bring home food vouchers for their families. Another 1400 families with challenging and extenuating circumstances received support. In addition chickens were distributed by the case, ensuring nutritious and joyful celebration for those who would otherwise go without.

Here is an excerpt from a thank you letter written by a single mother in northern Israel:

I am returning now from shopping for Yom Tov, and I don’t have words with which to thank you for your help! I am so happy!

I bought an abundance of food, my children are thrilled! There is plenty of food to prepare for chag!

How can I possibly thank you? How can I describe to you the difference between an empty home and a home overflowing with bounty? What a wonderful experience it will be for me to cook the Yom Tov meals without having to agonize over each portion of chicken- trying to stretch a minimum amount to feed the family for all of the meals.

May all of the wishes of your hearts be fulfilled for the good, may you be written and inscribed in the Book of Life. May your merit stand for you forever!!!

The thousands whose hearts were lifted are really just one person. And another. And another.

Likewise, the people- like yourself- who made it all possible, are just one generous soul. And another. And another.

Thank you.


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