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Our thoughtful donor ensures families get wonderful Chanukah gifts

by KR

0 Comments | Monday, December 12, 2022 under Chanukah help

It was hard to maneuver through the B'ezri office this past week. What was previously an open plan-space became one that was filled with stacks of cardboard boxes-so many that our secretary had quite a challenging time reaching her desk. 


Our delivery had arrived: hundreds of boxes of games and toys that are being distributed over the next few days to 380 needy families in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Kiryat Sefer and Brachfeld in honor of Chanukah. It's become a yearly tradition for one of our generous donors: to send Chanukah gifts to families who would otherwise not be able to afford any. 

This year, he is providing the game Ticket to Ride, the Gravitax marble run and the Magies magnetic car toy, and each household will receive two from the selection based on children's ages.

This thoughtful initiative means so much to so many. It ensures that parents and children can take a break and spend quality time together during Chanukah, using gifts that are not only fun, but are of high quality, so they can be played with this year and also for years to come. Parents in struggling homes worry over how to afford food and clothing and school tuition. Winter cold adds heating billsgood coats and warm blankets to their worries, pushing the ability to buy nice Chanukah gifts for their families further and further away from reality. 

That's why this project is so worthwhile. It brings family members of all ages tremendous excitement and entertainment, warming up the cold nights with laughter, enjoyment and, true to our mission, a feeling of normality. As one of the largest Jewish charities for the poor in Israel, this is one of American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri's primary goals: bring people relief through tzedaka but also bring them a feeling of dignity.

Our office space is slowly returning to normal box by box, with each shipment that makes its way out the door. Our thanks go out, too, to our donor - someone who is creating a brighter Chanukah for hundreds of families.

It's not too late-you can make a difference, too.


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