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Feinstein Foundation Drives Aid to Yad Eliezer

Feinstein Foundation Drives Aid to Yad Eliezer

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Every March and April, a man in Rhode Island gives $1,000,000 away to charity, and more throughout the other months of the year. He earns nothing from it but the knowledge that he has helped others. His name is Alan Shawn Feinstein, and his One Million Dollar Challenge to Fight Hunger has led charities to raise over one billion dollars since its inception. The challenge is for charities to solicit as many monetary and product donations as possible during this time in order to receive a proportionate sum of the $1,000,000 given away.

American Friends of Yad Eliezer has been participating in Feinstein Foundation drives, including the One Million Dollar Challenge, since 2008. This proportionate matching program has allowed Yad Eliezer to raise some $6,000,000 in monetary donations. The Feinstein Foundation has reciprocated these efforts with some $20,000.

An additional, more recently initiated Feinstein Foundation drive in September and October donates $50,000 to hunger-relief organizations in Israel. This year, Yad Eliezer raised the second highest sum of donations at approximately $2.5 million collected during these months. This was proportionally matched by the Feinstein Foundation with over $6,000. The campaign included 21 organizations, collectively raising over $16 million for Israel’s hungry. Thank you, Mr. Feinstein!


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