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Helping Families Prepare for Shavuot in a Dignified Way

We are doing it again!

Thursday, May 30, 2024

We are doing it again!

This Shavuot, American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri is providing support for needy families to ensure they will be able to make Yom Tov in the most dignified way possible. Last year's campaign, which included the distribution of a large package of dairy items (valued at over 200 NIS) to help families prepare for Shavuot with traditional foods, was overwhelmingly successful. Recipients were extremely grateful for the package, noting how practical this support was.

"I was able to really put these items to use, you thought of everything, down to the details." -Rachel N.
"I was so emotional at being given the ability to prepare for Shavuos in a kavodic way." -Chedva S.
"If only you could see the expressions on the faces of the women who received these packages, and their children's faces. The thanks, the phone calls...You really have been zoche to bring so much simcha to families who struggle every day." Shlomo R., gabbai tzedaka

Thanks to its success and due to the increase in need because of increased dairy prices, we are expanding our Shavuot campaign even further this year. In addition to 1,000 packages of dairy products (valued at over 200 NIS) provided to grushot and agunot, we are also allocating 1,000 NIS to 1,500 additional grushot across Israel (especially those affected by the war in the north and south), and over 700 NIS in vouchers to 550 families in the north and the south who are also in great need.

We are proud of the impact we are able to make for so many families, for so many needs throughout the year. Our effective, practical aid is one of the many factors that makes American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri a leading Israeli charity.
We couldn't do all we do, though, without donor support. Together we can alleviate strain for families this Shavuot and help them have a dignified Yom Tov-please join us!


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