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Thank You, Charidy!

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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Mere hours after details of October 7th's horrific events became available and Israel was thrust into war, B'ezri began coordinating our Stand With Israel campaign to bring urgent relief to IDF soldiers and families affected by the unimaginable terrors.
A critical component of this mission was the ability to have our campaign hosted online by a trustworthy, reliable crowdfunding platform. Thankfully, one call to Charidy as soon as Yom Tov was out, was all it took to get the ball rolling.

Charidy started the process right away. Fantastic staff provided friendly, effective and swift customer service, activating the campaign in the middle of the night so it was live by the morning after chag. This ensured we could immediately focus on distributing necessities for recipients as quickly as possible. Charidy was there every step of the way, available to answer questions and make adjustments as necessary.

And the bonus? The generosity of the company. Services were provided for free, saving B'ezri valuable funds so all proceeds benefitted the campaign, and we could begin getting recipients the urgent aid they needed without delay.

 Thank you, Charidy!


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