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Over 8,000 families are starting their new year with dignity, thanks to you

Thursday, September 14, 2023

We're doing it!

Rosh Hashana is just hours away and thanks to extremely generous donors, B'ezri is distributing an astounding amount of help for the holidays to over 8,000 needy Israeli families.

Recipients include:

3,220 struggling IDF soldiers & their families with $500,000 in support
All 900 women in our Keren Almanos and their 6,000+ children, with $1.2 million dollars in aid 
4,200 struggling families, including 800 single mothers, with $1.3 million dollars in assistance

The aid brings them all relief, giving people in cities and communities throughout the country the ability to purchase Yom Tov necessities (like foods such as chicken, meat, produce, honey and other items of their choice), which would otherwise be out of reach. Costs are just too expensive. 

The support makes the High Holidays real times of celebration, helping families experience Yom Tov in an atmosphere of simcha and dignity, a meaningful change from the usual struggles they contend with. 

Our timely help makes such an impact that though we are (as of today) officially still pre-Rosh Hashana, thank you's are already coming in.

Naomi K. writes:
"Please pass on my appreciation to your donors. I received the deposit into my account today, this was after a back and forth I had with myself over the last few days-trying to figure out what to buy, how much I could buy...how I could make it work...how would I manage to get the foods necessary to make Rosh Hashana "m'chubad" (with dignity) for my family...like it should be. Then I saw that blessed deposit..and it really, really lightened my heart! It is really making my Yom Tov.
Now I can breathe..."

This is what American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri is all about.
Shana Tova and thank you for partnering with us to help all the families we support, start the New Year off in a positive light.



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