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High Holiday Help for Needy Families: 2 Ways

Join B'ezri in allocating over $3MM in aid

Monday, August 28, 2023

Kohelet said it first: two are better than one.

The High Holidays are quickly approaching so American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri is moving full speed ahead with two of our vital annual programs that help needy families with costs for Yom Tov. 

$500,000 in aid for 3,220 IDF Soldiers in need+their families
Our IDF Holiday Distribution is providing support for 3,220 struggling IDF soldiers and their families with gift cards that are accepted at a major supermarket chain. Thanks to funds raised through donor support and our matching program with a U.S. foundation, we will distribute half a million dollars in aid to soldiers across Israel, aid that will enable them to purchase groceries in preparation for Yom Tov. The soldiers we help (including those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, others who are struggling to support families and lone soldiers) are incredibly grateful for the assistance, without which, holiday food in their homes would be extremely hard to come by. The aid transforms their celebrations and the soldiers see it as a sign of appreciation for all they do. "These last few months have been increasingly hard for my parents, and special occasions like holidays are full of stress. Your support, which will put good food on the table, will make it actually feel like a holiday in our home. It is m'ragesh (moving) to know that you're looking out for us. You can't imagine what a difference this is making.” –Omer B., Golani unit

$2.5 million dollars for over 5000 households 
With our High Holiday Campaign, American Friends of Yad Eliezer/B'ezri will distribute an additional $2.5 million dollars in aid to needy families in cities and communities throughout the country for Yom Tov essentials. Contributions will enable us to help the 900 widows and their 6,000+ children in our Keren Almanos plus 4,200 other families in need including 800 single mothers. "There is simply no way to describe how helpful this aid is", says Irit, a mother of five. "Prices of food are so much higher, and paying the bills on my own is incredibly difficult. It's a new year coming up and I want to give my children the good feeling of Yom Tov, the special feeling of the Chagim. I couldn't do that without help-your support is what makes it possible."  

Both these programs are so important; they are transformative for the needy, making it possible for them to bring in the holidays on a positive note-with their families happily seated around tables full of food. Please join us-no matter which program you choose (maybe it will be both!), you'll be helping them start the New Year off, right.



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