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Over $2.5m Raised - an amazing start for the New Year

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thanks to extremely generous donors, we distributed an astounding amount of Yom Tov help to struggling families, in time for the High Holidays. The aid brought tremendous relief in their households, enabling them to purchase vital necessities (including food such as chicken, meat and items of their choosing), which would otherwise be completely unaffordable. Because of this help, they were able to celebrate Yom Tov in an atmosphere of simcha and dignity, despite their difficult circumstances.

700 Almanos received $937,000 in help for expenses
3,000 Needy IDF soldiers received $500,000 in assistance
800 Grushos & Agunos were supported with critical financial aid
300 families were assisted with $1,000 in support
110 Melamdim were given 1,000 NIS in funds for meat and chicken
4,000 needy families received 750 NIS in supermarket gift cards 
That’s over $2.5 million dollars in support for Israel’s needy!

On their behalf and ours, thank you!
Tizku L'mitzvos-you made all the difference.


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