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Yad Eliezer Purim Parade Regales Flatbush

Yad Eliezer Purim Parade Regales Flatbush

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Imagine a stallion carrying a bearded man in a long, flowing royal robe. The horse is pulled by someone who looks an awful lot like Haman. Sounds like Shushan? How about Flatbush?

The annual Yad Eliezer Purim Parade took place a few weeks ago with great success. “Mordechai” rode through the streets of Brooklyn on a horse kindly donated by Kensington Stables for the seventeenth year running. Following behind the horse and rider was a decorated musical car. Children in costume carried baskets among the spectators on the busy streets to collect matanos l’evyonim for Yad Eliezer. The entire collected sum, counted immediately following the parade, was distributed to the poor of Israel on Purim itself.

American Friends of Yad Eliezer CEO Sori Tropper says, “It’s a beautiful event. Kids get very excited. This year we were worried because the snow was a foot deep. We were sure we wouldn't be able to have the horse ride.” Nonetheless, tzedaka prevailed, and the Yad Eliezer took place as usual, with dozens of enthusiastic attendees phoning up to ask when the parade would be passing by their part of the neighbourhood.

Over $6,000 was collected for the poor of Israel.


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