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New Yad Eliezer Web Site

Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are so excited to welcome you to our new web site! The past several years have seen extraordinary growth for Yad Eliezer. The range of social and economic services we offer to the public grew to include several new, exciting programs. However, many of these received no representation on our previous site. The full scope of Yad Eliezer’s impact on Israeli society was hidden in the numbers in our office.

With the launching of the new site, now you can see for yourself: Yad Eliezer has grown to become Israel’s largest hunger-relief agency. But rather than temporarily relieving hunger through food boxes alone, Yad Eliezer’s wide range of services allow beneficiaries access to the full range of assistance needed to gain the dignity of financial independence and wellbeing. Our nineteen programs operate unique leverage against the cycle of poverty. From job-training to child mentoring, from clothing provision to support during medical emergencies, Yad Eliezer is changing Israel family by family.

The new site also allows donors access to a range of Yad Eliezer information previously unavailable on-line. Donations may be tracked through our new My Account feature. Information about tax deduction options for the USA, Canada, England, and Israel is now clearly listed on our Tax Deduction page. Yad Eliezer events taking place anywhere around the world will be easy to find in the News & Events section. Favourite older features such as In The Picture and the Yad Eliezer Wedding Calendar receive refreshing new treatment in their new home.

Best of all, Yad Eliezer’s new site offers the public an exciting peak into the heroes, the miracles, and the successes that make Yad Eliezer so wonderful. Visit the Yad Eliezer Blog for a taste of unique Eretz Yisrael inspiration. What do a secular farmer in Northern Israel, an elementary school child in Eilat, a Hollywood producer, and a housewife in Jerusalem all have in common? Come and find out – and then share your thoughts and feelings in the comment discussion boards. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting the new Yad Eliezer web site. Please let us know what you think and how we can make your experience even better by e-mailing us in the Contact Us section! Thank you for coming – we hope to welcome you again and again.


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