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A Lifelong Dream

by Shalvi Weissman

0 Comments | Tuesday, May 07, 2013 under Job Training

Miriam started studying for a masters in family counseling, a lifelong dream. She enjoyed her studies, spending her mornings in classes, and the rest of the day caring for her growing family. But as time progressed, the situation at home become more complex and eventually unbearable. Miriam’s husband suffered from an acute mental illness. Sometimes he would take his medications and was able to live a somewhat stable life. But other times he decided that he didn’t need the pills and would go out of control, becoming violent and abusive. Eventually the crisis came to a head, and Miriam asked for a divorce.

Now singularly responsible for the wellbeing of her children, she didn’t know where to turn. She had nearly completed her studies in a field that would allow her to provide for her children adequately, but didn’t have money for tuition for her last year of studies. To stop so close to the finish line was heartbreaking, but her salary from her part time job was only enough to cover the basics, and could not be stretched to include tuition.

Miriam turned to Yad Eliezer’s job training program. They understood that helping Miriam to complete her training was the proverbial fishing pole that would allow her to provide for her family for many years to come. They sponsored half of the tuition, and contacted the administrators of the university who agreed to match Yad Eliezer’s donation and to cover the rest of the expense.

Miriam was immensely grateful for the vote of confidence in her future as she expressed in a thank you letter:

So thank you very very much! Having this scholarship is a big honor that comes with the obligation to give it my all, learn all that I can, and use my skills to help others. I pray that I will live up to it in every way.”


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