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Back 2 School

by Devorah Stieglitz

0 Comments | Tuesday, September 20, 2011 under Volunteering, News & Events

I remember waiting in line with my mother at the book store, just a few days before the new school year. There was a feeling of newness and excitement in the air. The store was packed and we were all there for the same reason, new school year meant new school supplies...

This year just like every year, the 1st of September was approaching. The children were busy preparing their books and school supplies for the first day. As all the New Year commotion was taking place in the streets of Jerusalem, there were those unfortunate children that could not buy a single pencil, crayon or notebook. These children have never owned a new backpack or pencil case; they were about to start their new year with nothing...

Yad Eliezer saw the need of these deprived children and together with another organization distributed over 200 school supply vouchers – each worth 100 nis –so that these less then fortunate children too, can buy and feel that new year excitement just like their friends.

A few days after the voucher distribution, Milka received a heartrending phone call. It was from one of the children’s mother, her voice was breaking as she cried and said “Milka, Im calling to apologize, I know Yad eliezer gave me the 3 vouchers to buy my children school supplies. Im calling because I feel terrible, I sold the vouchers to someone in exchange for money, you see its Erev Shabbos and there’s no food, I can’t bear to keep them hungry. Please forgive me”


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