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The Happiest Day of my Life

by Devorah Stieglitz

0 Comments | Monday, September 12, 2011 under Adopt-a-Wedding , Kol Kallah Bridal Fund

I am getting married... Today.

Its 6:00 am, I'm staring at my ceiling, my eyes won’t shut, they haven’t the whole night.

Last night I overheard my parents discussing that there isn’t enough money to pay for the caterer or the hall. I’m hoping that today, the biggest day of my life, doesn’t turn into my parents’ biggest nightmare.

Thinking back, I remember how just a few years ago, life seemed so wonderful, my siblings and I felt like we had everything we needed – and in retrospect, we did. Our life took a very difficult turn for the worse when my older brother got sick with cancer, and my younger brother, who suffers from a mental illness, was not doing well either. Both of my parents were busy with my brothers, and slowly things in our house started to crumble.

The urgency of the situation impelled me to get a job; I have been cleaning floors everyday, but in truth what we really need is nothing short of a miracle.

When we got engaged, my fiancé and I came to the conclusion that despite the harsh financial situation that both our parents were in, we were going to be optimistic about our situation. Today is my wedding day, I choose to live it in the greatest way I can.

The next day...

I got to see the light at the very end of my night.

It was past midnight, the wedding was beautiful and now it was over. All of the guests had gone home, the hall was cleared up, the chairs stacked and the owners were waiting... Suddenly my younger cousin came running in calling my mother, “There’s a woman outside, she’s looking for you, she said that she is from Yad Eliezer”. My mother met a woman outside by the name of Milka, who handed her a check and said, "Someone in America just donated $2500 for a kallah and I couldn’t wait another day to give it you, Mazal Tov!!"


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