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Our Invaluable Volunteers

Unsung heroes getting the job done!

by KR

0 Comments | Thursday, November 02, 2023 under Stand With Israel

For as long as American Friends of Yad Eliezer has been in existence, our volunteers have been an invaluable source of support and assistance. From our early days (40+ years ago!) when we were a small neighborhood charity that prepared food baskets for local families, to today, as we run 15+ varied programs on a $38 million dollar budget, our warm, compassionate and eager volunteers have always been there to help us in any way needed.
They’re incredible-not only does their help come from the heart, it saves us tens of thousands of dollars that we can use toward our programs, so we can widen our reach to help as many families as possible. Using our funds so effectively is one of the things that makes us a top Israeli charity.

Volunteers throughout Israel, doing it all

You can find AFYE/B’ezri’s volunteers (which also include the many gabbei tzedaka we work with) in communities and cities throughout Israel. They’ve been a key component these last few weeks in our Stand With Israel campaign, lending a hand in so many ways- 
Volunteers have helped us assemble hundreds of packages of snacks for families in the south (see the photo above), which parents and kids were so grateful to receive.
They brought hundreds of our books and arts & crafts packages to families in Ofakim, Ashkelon and Tifrach, who were extremely excited at having activities for their children to do during this chaotic time.
They’ve helped unload delivery trucks.
They’ve done laundry for hundreds of displaced families.
(Just to name a few.)

Volunteers from abroad, too

Sometimes our volunteers even fly across the world to bring their help. Jeffery Stark is one of them. After researching different organizations online while at home in Florham Park, New Jersey, Jeff contacted us and got on a plane (his third attempt after his first two flights were cancelled), rented a car and made his way to our office so he could pitch in. He drove all around the country to pick up shipments of supplies we ordered for the IDF, delivered hundreds of our phone chargers and sets of tactical gloves and thermal shirts to army bases, brought boxes of our softshell jackets to soldiers, packages of books and games to families of reservists, all while still working remotely at his full time job in the U.S.

Amazing, isn’t it? 
Whether they’re locals or friends from abroad, it’s reassuring to know we’ve got so many friends we can count on-they really help us get the job done.
Here’s to our hardworking, generous volunteers.

You’re our unsung heroes!


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