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Every drop in the sea causes ripples and waves

How sending packages to families in the south makes a huge difference

by MB

0 Comments | Tuesday, October 17, 2023 under Stand With Israel

Just a few hours ago we received a call from a woman in Ofakim. She started off by saying, "Forgive me if I start to cry, we are in a very difficult situation now..." and then she did start to cry. Through her tears she described how she just had to let us know how helpful the packages we sent her, are.

We asked her if she was still in Ofakim. She said, "Yes, I have married children here, young couples with small children, as well as my own teenagers. It’s too complicated for all of us to relocate so we are here, and we comfort each other by being all together. But the situation is so incredibly scary.  

But the packages you sent- the games, books, art supplies....I see all of my children, even the teenagers, sitting down and playing together - the older ones and the younger ones - and everyone is enjoying and it's an amazing relief from the stress and the trauma, and I just cant stop crying as I watch this scene. The togetherness is your zechus, and I just had to let you know."

We told her that it’s just a "drop in the sea" (as they say in Hebrew) - that she is dealing with so much. She said "Every drop in the sea causes ripples and waves. You can't imagine what you are doing for us all. Its a tremendous chizuk. The items you sent are practical. And thoughtful. Please relay it to everyone including your donors. - we are so, so grateful."

Every drop in the sea creates ripples and waves. There is so much more that needs to be done.
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