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The White Packages

You'd never guess...

by KR

0 Comments | Wednesday, September 27, 2023 under Holiday Fund

If you had visited B’ezri recently you might have noticed stacks and stacks of white rectangular packages in the office-packages that aren’t usually there.

Their unassuming shape belied their contents, though. What looked like small gift boxes was actually hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tlushim (food vouchers in the form of gift cards), readied to be distributed to needy families in cities and communities throughout Israel in time for the High Holidays

The cards weren’t the only forms of support distributed; B’ezri also wired tzedaka straight to families’ bank accounts to ensure they would have the ability to make Yom Tov in time for Yom Tov.

In all, over $3 million dollars is empowering 8,000+ families to buy necessities for the chagim, one of the most expensive times of the year. In this economy especially, when prices for basics are higher than ever, families are scrambling to cover their needs, often choosing what they can do without, in order to save money.

Thanks to B'ezri's white packages and bank transfers, so many reactions (like this one from Ayelet, a single mother) have been reaching us:

“When I learned that help from B’ezri would be available for us, I had no words. I still don’t. It is only because of you that we are going into Yom Tov calmly and with simcha. There is simply no other way we could have done so. It is in the zchut of you and your donors that we can have a kavodic chag.”

If you visit the B’ezri office you won’t see those white packages anymore, they’ve all been handed out. But you can imagine the smiling faces of their recipients- the parents and families in needy homes throughout Israel, who will really benefit from them. 


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