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The Season of Three

Not one, not two - three simultaneous struggles for needy families

by KR

0 Comments | Thursday, August 10, 2023 under Holiday Fund, Summer Relief Campaign

Welcome to The Season of Three. 

This time period, from mid-August through the chagim (High Holidays), are some of the most problematic, most challenging weeks of the year for vulnerable families. There are three major kinds of demands that put unbelievable stress on households that are fighting just to stay balanced and functional. 

First: Summer Vacation

First up, we have the weeks of summer vacation themselves. Summer break is at its height and keeping kids responsibly occupied when camp fees or babysitting costs are out of the question (a common occurrence), paying for food, a/c and other bills are major stresses that take any potential enjoyment of summer vacation out of the picture. It’s not much of a vacation at all. 

Second: The Start of School

Next, there’s the approach of the new school year. As it beckons, so does the need for school supplies, placing more worry on families whose budgets are already stretched to the limit. Basic essentials like notebooks, pens, and backpacks strain their finances even further, often forcing parents to make tough choices - go further into minus? Forgo buying some of the items on the list? Reuse last year’s salvaged but worn out supplies? The worry is increased when there are multiple children to outfit for the year- the challenge overwhelming. And left with no options, some of those kids will simply arrive at school lacking what they need. 

Third: The High Holidays

And then there's number three: the High Holidays. They’ll be here in just over a month and, known to be expensive even for average families, the chagim are incredibly hard for needy homes. Parents want to look forward to the Yamim Tovim and they want their children to, as well. They want to celebrate fully, just as other families do - with their kids wearing new clothes and, of course, their kitchens filled with the delicious smells of the Yom Tov food that will eventually grace their tables. But the weight of financial worry over how to buy those clothes or purchase all those vital ingredients casts a shadow over what should be a joyous and meaningful time.

The Trifecta of Chesed

Luckily, as an Israeli charity organization that constantly stays on top of the numerous needs of struggling families, B’ezri is able to help combat this “triple whammy of worries”. Our Summer Relief Campaign, Back to School Campaign and High Holiday Campaign are the trifecta of chesed for this Season of Three, providing families with substantial relief for all these demands. It's a truly challenging time of the year, but one that can be made so much easier with our donors' help. Choose one (or two, or all three!) to donate to, and we'll ensure the rest of this summer is easier, the school year begins with confidence, and Yamim Tovim are celebrated with the joy they deserve.


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