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"It’s usually very uncomfortable for me to say, '...You’ve saved me!'

...but this time I will overcome my hesitation to do so."

by KR

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American Friends of Yad Eliezer|B'ezri - helping families in poverty celebrate holidays with dignity

I'd like to share one of the many letters that have come our way, which beautifully and personally tells a story of the power of tzedaka.
Read ahead to start your New Year off on a touching, inspiring note...

Shalom U’vracha!
To the donors and management of American Friends of Yad Eliezer|B’ezri,

It’s usually very uncomfortable for me to say, “Thank you-you’ve saved me!” but this time I will overcome my hesitation to do so.
I am an avrech, married with five children (bli ayin hara), who Hashem Yitborach has determined should not receive a consistent income (despite our mortgage bill and the other expenses that do continue to arrive consistently).

What can I say, you should never know from these problems. From constantly trying to get another small loan to making the decision not to buy something we need…it is very difficult.

It is often in between our arrangements and decisions like these, that my wife will call to let me know about something our home needs urgently, and I know I’ll have to take out yet another loan, something that will involve more phone calls, more uncomfortable conversations. 

In short, it is so hard to go from a path of “יש” one day, to a new path that Hashem has chosen, one that is a path of “אין”, another.
It was recently that I ran into a dear neighbor, someone who is a gabbai of the tzedaka fund in our community. He heard about the struggles I've been going through. He knows my story and he wanted to help. It was he who referred me to AFYE|B’ezri.

You reached out to me mamash the day I was headed to the supermarket; I needed to buy a few items so I could refill the kitchen with some basics. I was on my way to look for help-another loan, so I could shop for what I needed…and thank you, Hashem! I ran into that neighbor who said, “Check your bank account-there may already be a deposit there.” 

And there was! Baruch Hashem, you reached me at exactly the right moment! You are simply Malachim min Hashamayim.
I withdrew the money from my account and, like a “real man” went to the store to shop without having to hold back. I was able to buy necessities, and do so, thoroughly.

Ashreichem Yisrael, AFYE|B’ezri. You are saving so many people like me, even without knowing us all, personally. 

Thank you, thousands of thank yous-in my name and on behalf of my wife and on behalf of my sweet children who don’t even know that YOU were the Shlichim from Shamayim who provided the food and even a few sweets we enjoyed on Shabbat and Chag.

Hashem HaTov should repay you for your kindness one thousand times and you should never know any Tza’ar or need. May you be Zoche for a Shana Tova U’metuka in Ruchniyut and Gashmiyut. May Hashem fulfill all the desires of your heart for good and may you always continue to help Am Yisrael.

With great appreciation,



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