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0 Comments | Wednesday, June 01, 2022 under Widow and Orphan Fund, Holiday Fund

Every Shavuot and in honor of other holidays throughout the year, American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri works to bring a bit of extra joy, via a thoughtful gift, to the 800+ women in our Keren Almanos. A lot of thought and planning go into choosing which gift will be sent: What can these mothers use, that will be practical? What will they and their children enjoy? What's something that may make their lives just a little easier? 

This year's answer, in time for Shavuot, is the Chromex Chef pizza oven, a wildly popular appliance that's been flying off the shelves in the U.S. It's a unique, fun and functional item that the mothers in the Keren can use on a daily basis, but something they would never be able to buy for themselves. We sent out 830 of these to all the women in the Keren Almanos and the thank you letters have been streaming in. 




Donor tzedaka support is what makes projects like this possible and garners reactions like these.Thank you!     


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