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We are back and on the ball, making sure families don't get forgotten

by KR

0 Comments | Tuesday, April 06, 2021 under Food Boxes, Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program, Widow and Orphan Fund, Job Training, Emergency Fund, Adopt-a-Wedding , Kol Kallah Bridal Fund, Bar Mitzvah Project, Meals-on-Wheels, Corona Relief Campaign, Keren Almanos

Here we are, somehow it's post Pesach.
After all the cleaning and kashering, cooking and rushing, Pesach 2021 just a memory. Thankfully, this Yom Tov saw much more freedom-and health, B”H- than last year. Families in Israel were able to have seders together in small numbers and chol hamoed looked, for the most part, like it usually does (except for the masks), with people out and about, lengthy traffic jams included.

So now it’s back to the grind: work, school (capsules are being removed!), errands... regular life. But for families who are living in terrible poverty (with countless households still trying to get back on their feet, thanks to the pandemic) and may have received financial help to make Pesach, "back to the grind" usually means back to the daily fight just to stay functional. 

Sadly it also means back to being forgotten. After all, the big tzedaka campaigns have finished, the country is (mostly) up and running again and everyone is seemingly going about their business. But while that’s happening, quietly in the background, poor families, whose numbers are higher than ever, still struggle to pay for food. Utility bills are still overdue. Costs of formula for babies and tefillin for bar mitzvahs are still out of reach. After a year of covid unemployment, struggling parents are still job searching, trying to find work so they can earn salaries and take care of their children.

At Yad Eliezer we’re back, too. Back to the stories, the applications for help, the tears, the need. Back to trying to bring comfort to the suffering, doing our best to help as many of the “forgotten” as possible. We haven’t forgotten them and more importantly, we’re so grateful you haven’t either.

Knowing you’re with us-that you’ve got our backs-makes all the difference. 


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